What is a career?

A career is now viewed as a journey through learning, work and other aspects of life. It embraces all the roles you have at different stages of life, including education, training, and work.

Are you prepared for the journey? Will you actively manage your Career development or will it just “happen” to you?

The difference between a job you hate and an occupation that you enjoy!

Get The Career You Want

Follow our step by step courses and you can be fully prepared to beat the competition to the best positions.

It has been said that 40% of current jobs did not exist when the person doing that job now was at school! So how can you plan for a career that may not exist in that form yet? The answer is that you must develop yourself and your career skills to keep current with career opportunities? We have topics that will keep your skills in great shape.

The concept of a job for life is no longer relevant. Young people now are likely to experience five to eight major career changes in their lives in a variety of industry sectors. They will also be experiencing more fluid forms of working with increasing casual, contract and part-time work options.

A key aspect of career management is the ability to research opportunities and then to make career choices. Career management skills will be vital, and we can help you to develop those skills.

What we do for a living is part of how we see ourselves, a defining aspect of our lives. Your career should develop during your life, but you need to actively set goals, and develop a strategy to control its course.

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On this site you will find careers advice to help you find the right job, Information about how to get the best jobs, careers and employment opportunities.

We will offer advice to decide what career opportunities would suit you.

There will be lessons to help you write a great CV , be successful at interview, plan your career opportunities to achieve your goals , discover the hidden job market, network to enhance your career opportunities, hone your management and presentation skills. We will look at Job Hunting, Career goals, Career Management, Salary negotiation and how to use your contacts to get your dream job.

Then we will move on to developing your Management and Personal Skills and enhancing your Career by working your way up the Career ladder. We will consider the option of Entrepreneurship –would that suit you?

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Successful CV Writing

Getting a strong CV or resume ready is an integral part of the job searching process. A good curriculum vitae (CV) is essential, especially when there are many candidates for the same position. Your objective at this point in the process is to get to an interview, and then you can sell yourself to the employer.

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Prepare For An Interview

The lessons are designed to help you to prepare for an interview by thinking like an employer. Because they are written by people who have conducted interviews as employers they can speak from real life experience and give you an accurate insight into the mindset of an employer.

You will find that the lessons cover many aspects of interview preparation in an easy- to- follow; straightforward way

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Job Search

Job search is a daunting task , but the average person will job-hunt eight times in their life, so you may as well master the technique.

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Managing Your Career

In today’s world of new technology and downsizing, we can no longer expect a “job for life“, and it is important that we take responsibility for our own career and its management. Career management is a process by which you can guide, direct and influence your career path.

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In today’s world of rapidly changing technologies, a career can be seen as a continuous process of learning and development. Many important careers today simply did not exist when the people working in them now were studying and looking for a career. E.g. website development, e-marketing manager, astronaut.

To maximize your Career Opportunities you must successfully navigate your way around a dynamic and complex economic landscape. You must proactively manage and develop your career throughout your working life .You will need to continuously develop yourself and your skills. And that is just to keep up with the evolution of Knowledge and skills required to keep abreast of changes.

We can help you by keeping you up to date with all the latest developments, theories, best practice, hints and tips.

On this site you will find careers’ advice to help you find the right job, Information about how to get the best jobs, careers and employment opportunities.

We will offer advice to decide what career opportunities would suit you.


When you are starting a new business, there are literally hundreds of things you need to consider- office space or work from home, bank account, loan or overdraft, do you need a website, will your product sell, is it the right product, your marketing campaign, do you need staff, what are the legal implications if you employ staff…..and so on.

Which issue should you address first? What if you forget something important? How should you structure the business?

What did other people do, what problems did they have, how did they solve them? We look at the common issues faced by people in this situation and offer some advice for you on the most important issues to address.

Is an entrepreneurial route the way forward for you? What skills do you need? How does it differ from working for someone else?

We take a look at the characteristics of entrepreneurs-what is it that sets them apart and makes them successful? And we offer our top tips for how to be successful in business on your own.

We consider the skills, attributes and behaviours of entrepreneurs, so that you can decide if this is the direction for you.

Career advice

Most people will have several careers, possibly leading naturally into each other, but sometimes there will be a complete change of direction. And this is how it is going to have to be in our fast changing world. Many of us are in jobs that didn’t exist when we were planning our careers.

How do you plan your career? Do you need to be a graduate? What if you are not a graduate-does it limit your chances? Should you follow your dreams?

We offer advice on increasing your chances of promotion. And help you to appreciate the dos and don’ts of business etiquette.

Many people in business have the benefit of a mentor. We consider whether you might find that useful, and how you can achieve it.

When you do achieve a management position, how do you manage people more experienced than you are, and how do you orientate yourself in a new role?

Developing your skills

We turn our attention to developing your Skills, looking at Effective Communication, Teamwork, dealing with Workplace Conflict. We take a look at moving into Management, and the skills you will need.

We discuss the best way to tackle a difficult staff member in a non-confrontational manner. Learning how to handle difficult people is a key management skill which will contribute to your leadership success.

Join us for a review of management. We define it and take a look at a management model, outlining the skills and competencies managers need to get results.

We consider the importance of being seen to be an effective team member, how the skills and competencies required make you a valued employee and a promotion candidate. We look at team composition and dynamics, how teams are finely balanced structures, some team model theories, and the roles that people play in teams.

We will describe what management are looking for in ideal team member, so that you can ensure you demonstrate those characteristics.

If you were at the helm of the business you work for, how would you behave? Where you are now, on the outside looking in, is a great place to formulate plans for how you would run things.

Have a look at our roundup of the things a successful person will focus on. Take advantage of our information, advice and guidance and plan how you will implement our ideas when you make it to the top!

Personal development

You are impatient to get on to the next step of the ladder. What can you do to ensure you are considered for the next promotion? Try our 20 top tips to get you noticed –for the right reasons!

Personal budgeting is an important life skill that helps to manage income and expenditure, and balance them to live within your means. We will consider tools you can use to help you manage the situation, and set and run a budget.

We look at some budget exercises that you could complete, that will help you to understand and appreciate the workings of the financial world, and how they affect you and your budget. You can draw up a budget for yourself which will allow you to model what would happen if you earned more and spent more, or perhaps spent less, made some savings, or added new expenditure items.