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Successful CV Writing

Effective Job Search

Interview Techniques

Career management


Whether you are looking for a first job, a new job, or a promotion, we can help you to improve your personal circumstances. We offer free information, advice and guidance, with absolutely no commitment from you.

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We will show you how to write a successful CV that will impress potential employers. How to job- search effectively, leveraging the Hidden Job Market. Then we will consider the whole topic of interviews, looking at the type of interviews that are used, how to prepare yourself to excel at the interview. We will even look at some difficult interview questions and show you how to handle them.

We will consider entrepreneurship –maybe you don’t need to impress potential employers because you will be your own boss? Find out if that is the best route for you.

Stay with us, because then we will show you how to proactively manage your own career, how to work out the next steps you need to take, and take control of your career and life.

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