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Find answers to your questions here. We answer all the most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please email your question to If the question is covered here, you will not receive a personal response, but will be directed to this page

1. When do I start my course?
As soon as you register and your payment has been accepted, you have started on the course.
If you have not registered yet, you can do so here Enter your name and e-mail address in the form and press “Register”.
2. How long does the course take?
This depends on the rate that you study and the time you allocate. You can work through the lessons at your own rate, and revisit ones that you found useful on the site by selecting the lessons tab on the navigation bar and choose the lesson you want to study.

3. Do I have to pay to access the course?
Yes. Once you have selected the topics you want to purchase you will be directed to our Payment Gateway. We accept all major credit and debit cards cards.

4. Can you help me find a job?
No. We do not have access to any available jobs. We are offering information, advice and guidance on CV writing, job search, interview techniques and career development, but do not offer job search assistance.

5. Can you help me write my CV?
We have recently launched a CV writing service through which we can help you by reviewing or writing your CV, or producing a job search package.


6. How do I search for a specific topic?
Open any lesson, and a search bar will appear near the top, beneath the green navigation bar, at the right-hand side.

7. How do I navigate the site?
If you have a lesson open, you can navigate to the previous, or next lesson, using the arrows in the white space just under the green navigation bar

8. Why has nobody replied to my question?
We have many visitors to the site each week, and receive hundreds of emails each day. We are a small team and cannot respond to individual questions that are covered in this section.

9. How do I get my certificate?
Once you have completed a section you will be offered a quiz. If you achieve a pass mark you  will be offered a certificate to download and print .

10. I have asked for downloads to be emailed to me, why have they not been?
We don’t offer PDFs. You must log on to the site to access content

11. Can I invite a friend or colleague to visit the website and join the course?
Yes, you can invite as many friends or colleagues as you like, just email this link to them

12. My name has been spelt incorrectly on my account.
That will the name as you typed it when you enrolled. If you want to alter your name on the account, please unsubscribe and re-enroll.

13. I want to start the course again, how can I do that?

Log on to your account and click on the module you want to reread.

14. I want to change my email address; how do I do that?
Please unsubscribe by clicking on the link at the bottom of any of the regular emails we send you, and then re-register. You will then receive emails from the start of the course on the new account.

15. Can I have help with how to write a cv please

Please go to this page and read all the lessons CV Writing Lessons. Alternatively you can use our CV writing service through which we can help you by reviewing or writing your CV, or producing a job search package.

Please note we do not have sector specific or standard CVs. A CV tells the story of an individual person’s qualifications, expertise, and fitness for the job for which they are applying. There are samples and templates on the website.

16. Can I have help with how to search for a job please
Please go to this page and register for

17. Can I have help with preparing for an interview please
Please go to this page and register for

18. I want to study in a language other than English
To study in a language other than English use the translation tool built into the site.

On a PC or laptop

Open any lesson, and an option to select the language displayed will appear near the top right-hand side of the page, below the Google search box and above the Facebook logo. It will translate the content into almost any language for you.

On a mobile or tablet

To access the navigation bar, first click on the three-line menu, also known as the hamburger menu or hamburger icon, which will enable you to view the navigation menu.

Then open an individual lesson and scroll down past the lesson content and the comments. Under the Post Comments box will be a search bar.

Underneath this is the translate tool. Click on the Select language bar and a list of languages will appear. Select the language you would like the lesson displayed in, click on it, and scroll back up to the lesson content, now displayed in the language of your choice.

You may need to repeat this step each time you revisit the site.

19. Can you send me a standard CV please
The words Curriculum Vitae are from the Latin and can be translated as the “course of a person’s life”. They are a brief account of a person’s education, qualifications, and previous occupations, and are typically used by an applicant for a position. We do not have standard or sector specific CVs, as the point of a CV is that it is specific to the person, their skills and experience, and is tailored to the vacancy applied for. There are samples and templates available on the website.

20. I think you have offered me a job or interview, but I don’t have details.
You may have misread the lesson. This is an online course, using hypothetical scenarios. It is not a job or interview offer.

21. I have applied for many jobs, Sometimes I get an interview, other times I don’t even get a letter from the company. I have not been successful with any application. What can I do?
Please follow this link for our advice on this problem
What can you do if your applications are unsuccessful?


To read an Overview and general guidelines please follow this link:
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