How does this course work?

Please read ALL this page and the FAQ section before you commence your course. If you email us with questions that are covered you will not receive an individual response but will be referred to these pages.

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Overview and general guidelines

The site is run by The Online Learning Group ltd , a small private company which is a joint venture between ltd and Dave Morison ltd, two British companies who are interested in spreading useful information, advice and guidance on life and management skills.

Briefly, the way this online course works is that when you enroll, your name is added to our database. After you enroll you will be asked to confirm your registration by clicking on a link. This is to ensure no-one receives our emails without a “Double-opt in “agreement, and so protects you from spam.

The course is split into modules, such as Jobsearch, interview, and management skills.

Because you are studying online, the course is completely flexible to suit your lifestyle; you can read the modules at any time that is convenient for you, there is no intake or start date. You do not need to respond or acknowledge receipt, comment, submit work or keep up with the schedule we send you. Where an assignment is suggested, or a question asked, this is to enable you to work through the material privately for your own benefit, we do not need to see your responses.

When you have completed your first segment you will be sent an email inviting you to choose what you wish to study next. Course duration depends on which modules you select. Each one lasts around 6-8 weeks if you study a couple of ours a week .

We offer advice on how to apply successfully for work but can’t write or edit your CV for you free of charge. We have launched a chargeable CV writing service in response to the thousands of requests from website visitors for help with their CV.

We do not offer to find you a job, get a visa, or have any connection with recruiters. We do carry advertisements on our site, some of these relate to recruitment for jobs. You should apply directly to the advertiser if you are interested, rather than to us.

If you do not understand the lesson, lack of resources dictate that I cannot tutor you individually. Ask a friend or colleague to explain or go through it with you, or just reread it.

We only offer access to the content via the website, and do not provide PDFs or email content directly to your email account, or via WhatsApp

There are no entry requirements, anyone can enroll and study with us. This is not a University, so we can’t confer degrees, and you don’t graduate.

There is a translation tool on the site, which the reader must deploy. For details scroll down to translation tool.

We do not ask you to complete any coursework, we offer certificates for the successfully completed quizzes

All courses are online and mobile friendly. No books, videos or other materials are included. We do not offer tutor led courses or personal tutorials

As we have no access to public funding, we cannot offer scholarships, or sponsorships and we are unable to offer seed finance for new businesses or consult on your business

We do not have the staff to be able to offer personalised advice on your career, or personal circumstances, or complete projects or assignments for you

If you need to research a topic, for example to find the course content of a module at your local university, please use the internet.

Site navigation

If you are reading the site on a PC or laptop it will display in such a way as to use the available space most effectively.
If you are reading the site on a tablet or phone with a smaller screen the site will be displayed differently to allow you to read it effectively
You can search for topics; –

On a PC or laptop

By opening any lesson, and a search bar will appear near the top, beneath the coloured navigation bar, at the right-hand side. Put your search term in the bar and click on the most appropriate result.

On a mobile or tablet

To access the navigation bar, first click on the three-line menu, also known as the hamburger menu or hamburger icon, which will enable you to view the navigation menu.

Translation tool

To study in a language other than English use the translation tool built into the site. This allows you to read the site content in almost any language

On a PC or laptop

Open any lesson, and an option to select the language displayed will appear near the top right-hand side of the page, below the Google search box and above the Facebook logo. It will translate the content into almost any language for you.

On a mobile or tablet

To access the navigation bar, first click on the three-line menu, also known as the hamburger menu or hamburger icon, which will enable you to view the navigation menu.

Then open an individual lesson and scroll down past the lesson content and the comments. Under the Post Comments box will be a search bar.

Underneath this is the translate tool. Click on the Select language bar and a list of languages will appear. Select the language you would like the lesson displayed in, click on it, and scroll back up to the lesson content, now displayed in the language of your choice.

You may need to repeat this step each time you revisit the site.

Sister sites

You can visit and enroll on our sister sites.

Management Skill Courses offers advice about business and management


We cannot help with English language studies.

To access FAQS for this site please follow this link check
Frequently Asked Questions