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Lesson 1 Successful interview introduction

Think like an employer –see interviewing from another point of view

Lesson 2 Types of interviews

What is the process the company will be using? We look at different types of interviews and what you can expect at your interview

Lesson 3 Competency or behavioural based interviews

A close look at this powerful, popular type of interview. What the employer is looking for, how to prepare for the questions you may be asked.

Lesson 4 Research

How to research the job and the organisation you are interviewing with.

Lesson 5Interview Preparation Questions

Examples of questions you may be asked at interview.

Lesson 6 At the interview

Hints and tips for the actual interview

Lesson 7 Top Interview Tips

More hints and tips about the interview process. How to ensure they are in no doubt that you are the right person for the job.

Lesson 8 More interview question

But this time we look at Top Interview Questions for you to ask the interviewer.And ideas for how to answer those awkward questions

Lesson 9 Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Summary of the key Do’s and Don’ts for a successful interview